Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tiny man "suits"

I love heirloom toddler clothing, but I also like scaled down grown up looks on little boys.  I love tiny eton suits too, however of the vintage patterns I have here, I was unsure if the proportions wouldn't look ridiculous on such a tiny little person that K is.  I kinda knew the "look" I wanted, but after spending a lot of time looking online for inspiration in both ready-to-wear and sewing patterns decided there really wasn't much out there for this age boy in terms of options.  This is what I came up with for a "wardrobe" for K to meld all of the looks I had in mind into one.  I'm pretty pleased with the results.
First, I made some tiny vests.  For a pattern I used Ottobre "mike vest" from 3/2009.  K still wears a size 74cm, so it is a scaled down and lengthened version, but basically the same shape.  The twill one has faux pocket flaps and is slightly shorter in length.  The seersucker one I drew slightly fuller and added a chest pocket like one on a vest he wore last winter.  
If you happen to be in the market for nice twill.  I used this  fabric for the vest.  It was a dream to sew and is super soft and almost drapey.  (And, a bargin b/c 1yard of 60" made a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, and  a vest for K)  I just ordered 2 yards of navy for uniforms for G next fall.
The pattern called for interfacing in the facing, however I just cut the lining piece whole and topstitched the facing fabric to the lining to add an extra layer.
For pants, I made two pairs of short pants.  Do you call them capris on a boy? and a pair of shorts.  The pants are tweaked oliver + s sailboat pants size 12-18months.  I thought the tabs on the sailboat pants would be too busy with a vest, so made a flat front twill pair and an elastic front seersucker pair.  The elastic all the way around fit better on his baby belly.  The shorts are ottobre bert shorts 3/2009 in a size 74 cm.  I just single topstitched all the seams so they would be slightly dressier.
And the finished product made me want to eat him up!!  (even if he is a less than cooperative model)
 The vest pattern calls for a buckle in the back but I thought that would be too heavy for such a tiny size, but left the little v back on the seersucker.
I made a little faux tab on the back of the twill one, but am not all that wild about it.
 The pieces all interchange really easily
And work with rtw and handmade shirts he already has in his closet.
 I do have a few other shirts planned for summer but am waiting on a pattern to come in and a trip to the thrift store for a few shirts to cut up.

Ok...there you have it...K's custom suits. :) haha!


  1. Great job these are sooo cute. I want to get the pants pattern for my kids but wonder if its really "boy enough" But I guess its in the details that make all the difference.

    1. Thanks...I was disappointed in my photos but the outfits are SO CUTE in person. I agree....this pattern can push it for older boys in terms of looking girly. Especially, if you make the entire set. I made several of the tops and pants last fall and liked it best wearing the tops with long corduroy pants and the short pants with button-ups and polos rather than as a complete outfit.

  2. Gorgeous!
    When my Hugo was a baby I dressed him in frilly tartan shirts.....but that was 15 years ago....

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet! My baby brother wore frills and lace and had long blonde curls 19 years ago. He was adorable!