Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still here

I'm still here.  And, still sewing.  The blog has been neglected, though for several reasons.  First, we moved to a wonderful home on five acres in the country.  However, our internet connection is spotty (not that we mind) and uploading photos is a bit of a chore.

Second, blogging has taken a backseat to our new "backyard."  Most of our free time is spent like this...

And, this!

And, this!

And, hanging out with these!

 But, I really want to keep up with at least most of what I'm making.  I'm lousy at keeping a notebook, and this is my "record."

Today we are at home and it is spring break.  Our kids aren't great nappers but definitely needed a day in front of the tv to chill out after several pretty active outdoor days.  So, I did get to spend the morning finishing up a few projects and photographing some recently finished things.  My most recent sewing has been devoted to the tiny little man in the family.  Rather than one really long post, I've got a few more posts on the way....


  1. I would be neglecting my blog too if I lived somewhere with that kind of fun in my backyard.:) We meant to take a day trip while we were in Florida to see the manatees but unfortunately ran out of time. Can't wait to see what you've been sewing lately!

    1. Cindy....I saw y'all were in Florida. We are in north Florida. We are a mile from the river and fresh water springs, but it is actually an hour from the house to where we like to visit the manatees. But, still local I guess. You know...if you ever want to visit....:)