Thursday, June 16, 2011

Children's Corner Virginia

Since I make most of what my kids wear...including what they wear to school and to play in....I usually have very few quams about my garments getting worn, loved, and abused. Stains and wash wear are all part of the fun. This dress, however, I've had trouble letting move from my sewing space into G's closet....not for lack of her asking. I'm not sure if it is the time invested in making it or that I'm dreading ironing all those little ruffles back after it is washed the first time? Today, however, when G asked...I decide "what the heck!"

For the pattern I used... Children's Corner Virginia pattern. I've always really liked the classic look of this pattern and was excited to update it a bit with a more modern fabric. The fabric is Erin McMorris, though the name leaves me.

This dress was quite a lengthy project by my standards. Each pattern piece for the front is cut seperately; There are lots of little gathers; And, the arms, neck, and hem were all done by hand. The one thing I would have changed was to serge the raw edges on my bias bands before turning them down and whipping them down. It think it would have given them a firmer more consistent look. Overall, it was a great pattern...just time consuming.

After very careful cutting focusing on mainly lining of the "stripes" of bikes across the placket and side seams...I realized during construction that I have the button placket going the wrong way for a girl's garment. Though, I doubt anyone on the street is going to stop me and point that out! :)

I cut a size four and left the length long so the dress can be worn for two summers (or at least through our hot fall).

My model is most pleased with it. I'm pleased with it...even if it isn't quite perfect. I'm glad I let it out of sewing room "jail." It isn't the dress' fault that I'm a lazy seamstress and a few hours of handwork is a novelty. :)


  1. I just discovered your blog--this is precious as are your other creations! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. This is beautiful, I love your pairing of the fabric with the green trim.

  3. Sweet. I love this fabric too